Be Careful Using Heart Herbal Medicines

When sick, sometimes Indonesian people first rely on herbal or natural remedies. Not only minor illnesses that are believed to be cured with herbal medicines, severe diseases such as heart disease are also believed to be able to be overcome with herbal heart medicines. In fact, many patients combine medical treatment with heart herbal remedies to recover quickly. Herbal medicines are often considered safe because they are made from natural ingredients. However, alternative medicines such as herbal heart medicines do not necessarily comply with drug laws and are scrutinized. Therefore, the safety and side effects of heart herbal medicines cannot be predicted. Especially if taken together with medical heart medication. Various Herbal Medicines for the Heart and its Impact on the Body The following are some heart herbal medicines that are suspected to be unsafe if taken together with medical heart medications: John’s wort Usually used to treat depression, anxiety, and sleep di
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